Using our products - Frequently Asked Questions

-Why is my Blackhead Removal Mask not working? I left it on my face and it came out in a thousand little pieces!
Alright, one reason might be that you did not allow the mask to dry off completely. 
In the instructions on the back of the product we tell you to allow "around 30 minutes for your mask to dry off completely", but the truth is it might take longer if you apply a thicker layer than necessary. If the mask is not fully dry you will not be able to peel it off on one go.
Another reason could be that the layer you use is too thin. We usually recommend applying it so that it covers the peel off area in charcoal. Too thin of a layer will cause the mask to be fragile when it dries, and might take more attempts to take out completely.
-It hurts when I remove my Blackhead Removal Mask! It's tearing my hairs so hard and I wasn't expecting this!
The Blackhead Removal Mask is designed to stick to your pores to provide a smooth sensation while removing impurities. This is why you should stick to the T-Nose area (lower forehead, nose, cheekbones and chin) as that is the area most likely to get blackheads. Applying the mask over your hairs will make it stick to them. 

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